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Imagine your company testing and echoing its latest innovation efforts in the historic Olympic Stadium and Palau Sant Jordi –the ultimate stage for corporate innovation around Music, Sports and Event extravaganzas. Your brand’s innovation anthem, heard and seen by thousands!

sport glory

While sports have their place, music takes the stage at The Venue Barcelona! Innovate and collaborate in events with world-renowned artists, hosting electrifying concerts and shows, and transforming the Hub activities into a live innovation paradise. A corporate innovation showcase with a musical twist? Don´t miss out!

Global reach
and beats

Capture the attention of global audiences and immerse your brand into innovation around the Music, Sport  & Event scene simultaneously. The Venue Barcelona’s central event ecosystem location ensures your corporate innovation activities will reach as vast as your business ambitions.

Showcase your company’s
innovation rhythm

From new product launches to industry conferences, imagine your corporate innovation initiatives seamlessly integrated into the events hosted in the historic Olympic Stadium and Palau Sant Jordi. Your brand’s rhythm, the pulse of innovation – felt by everyone!

your brands

Become a beacon of creativity with your brands at the forefront of innovation around unforgettable events. Your company as the star of the innovation show, attracting attention far and wide.

Events beyond

It’s not just about events; it’s about experiences. Picture your initiatives in the center, where innovation meets Music, Sport and Events creating an ambiance that sparks conversations, collaborations, and unforgettable memories.



Engage and captivate! FanX is the realm of innovations in Fan Engagement. Elevate your strategies to connect with music & sports enthusiasts, enhance the viewer experience, and build unwavering fan loyalty.


Explore the future of media technology! From cutting-edge broadcasting tech to digital content distribution, MediaX is where your brand can pioneer the next wave of media innovations.


Savor innovation in beverage, food, nutrition, and catering. From farm to table tech to supply chain solutions, F&BX is the perfect menu for companies revolutionizing the food and beverage industry.


Champion sustainability and energy innovations. From renewable energy to carbon reduction, SustainX is your gateway to environmental impact through sustainable technologies applied to events and venues.


Embrace health and wellness innovations around mass events and venues. From healthcare tech to wearables, Well-BeX is the frontier where companies redefine the future of well-being away from home.


Navigate the future of mobility! From smart transportation solutions to urban mobility advancements, MobilityX is where companies revolutionize the way people move to events and venues.

Ready to turn your corporate
innovation activities into a melody
that resonates far and wide?

Join The Venue–where innovation,
music, and unforgettable events
unite! Let’s set the stage for your
history together!

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startup into a melody that resonates
far and wide?

Join The Venue – where innovation,
music, and unforgettable events
unite! Let’s set the stage for your
history together!

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Welcome to Montjuic, a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and innovation. Nestled in the heart of this iconic hill in Barcelona lies The Venue.Barcelona, where the spirit of collaboration intertwines with the rich legacy of Montjuic. This is not just a hub; it’s a dynamic oasis, a historic stage that has witnessed everything from exhilarating Formula 1 races to legendary concerts that echoed through time.

The Venue.Barcelona

Anella Olímpica
Estadi Lluís Companys
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